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5 Benefits of Working with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Jun 15, 2022 | Carpet Cleaning

5 Benefits of Working with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Everybody wants clean carpet and many homeowners resort to DIY methods and solutions to get the job done, opting to tackle this task on their own instead of hiring professional carpet cleaners. Are you aware of the many benefits of hiring professionals from Academy Chem-Dry in Annapolis, MD?

Our carpets experience the most wear and tear and accumulate more dirt and dust than other furnishings due to the high foot traffic they endure in Annapolis, MD. It only makes sense to invest a little time and money into keeping them clean. 

However, vacuuming only removes the surface level of dirt. Only with the help of Academy Chem-Dry’s professional carpet cleaners in Annapolis, MD can you give your carpet a deep clean that promotes its longevity, as well as the state of health and comfort in your home- like-ingredient you happy and healthy.

If you haven’t worked with professional carpet cleaners in the past, or if you’ve only utilized conventional steam cleaning services, you may not know that not all carpet cleanings in Annapolis, MD are the same. Below, we’ve listed some of the many benefits that come with choosing to have professionals take care of your carpets!

5 Benefits of Working with Chem-Dry Carpet Cleaners

Benefit 1: We make your home a healthier space to live in.

Your carpets act as a kind of air filter for your home. When they have accumulated a certain level of dirt, dust, and grime, they simply can’t hold onto anymore. These tiny particles are then free to linger in the air you breathe. Having professionals clean your carpets can get rid of dirt and other triggers that could contribute to health concerns for your family. When you choose Academy Chem-Dry I’m Annapolis MD, you can have confidence you’re choosing carpet cleaners with a proven approach to making your home healthier. Our Hot Carbonating Extraction process has been shown to remove 98% of non-living allergens from carpets as part of a home health study. 

Benefit 2: We extend the lifespan of your carpets.

Carpets are a significant investment. To avoid having to replace your carpets sooner than planned, opt for regular professional carpet cleaning with longevity-boosting effects. The dirt, dust, and debris that becomes trapped in your carpets over time aren’t just harmful to your family’s health. They can also be harmful to the structural integrity of your carpets. When these particles are enmeshed within delicate carpet fibers, the fibers begin to deteriorate. Removing build-up in a timely manner will help carpet fibers recover and enable them to retain that ideal fresh look and feel for a significantly longer period of time. 

Benefit 3: We can get rid of tough stains.

Carpet stains can make your home look anything but clean, even when you’re doing everything you can to keep it in tip-top shape. If you’re ready to get rid of stubborn stains for good, seeking out the help of professional carpet cleaners is the answer. At Academy Chem-Dry in Annapolis, MD, we understand how much of a pain carpet stains can be for homeowners, and we’re glad to say that our meticulous carpet cleaning methods can eliminate stubborn stains and refresh the appearance of your carpets. 

Benefit 4: Minimize traffic lane effects.

You can generally tell when areas of carpet receive more foot traffic than others due to what are called traffic lane effects. These effects typically occur in hallways and other frequently used spaces and result in the darkening of carpets and a flatter, less bouncy feel. Professional carpet cleaning removes the dirt that is constantly dragged into these areas. It also helps reduce the rate at which these effects occur. The result is a carpet that has a cohesive appearance and feels just as springy and fresh at the corners as it does in its interior. 

Benefit 5: We remove unpleasant smells and lingering odors. 

You’ve probably noticed over time that vacuuming simply doesn’t do the trick for getting smells out of carpets. That’s because the cause of odors isn’t in the top half of the carpet but deep within the fibers, often near the base. As with any other fiber-based material, carpets need to be thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom to truly eliminate odors. However, carpets differ from other materials in how this cleaning should occur. For example, using soapy detergents won’t do your carpets much good. The detergent will likely leave behind a residue that actually attracts dirt like a magnet. As a result, significant amounts of water is needed to flush detergent and debris out of carpets, setting the stage for mold and mildew to take over.

The solution is to hire a professional carpet cleaner with an innovative approach to combating dirt and odors. At Academy Chem-Dry, we forgo the use of detergents and excess water in favor of our Hot Carbonating Extraction process, which relies on the power of carbonation to clean carpet fibers in a gentle but thorough manner.

Are you ready to experience the benefits only professional that carpet cleaners in Annapolis, MD can provide? Call 410-987-3127 today to learn more about the difference our innovative cleaning process can make for your home!

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