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Pet Urine Removal Treatment with Academy Chem-Dry

Aug 10, 2022 | Pet Urine Removal Treatment, Uncategorized

Pet Urine Removal Treatment with Academy Chem-Dry

We all know that pets can be a lot to handle sometimes, and as much as we love them, they can also make our lives difficult. One of the most common problems people face is pet urine on carpets in Annapolis, MD. This post will give you three quick tips to help combat these stains and keep your carpet looking fresh and clean!

When in doubt on how to handle your pet’s stains, give the experts at carpet cleaning in Annapolis, MD a call — we’re happy to help! 

1. Why You Need a Deep Different Kind of Cleaning for Pet Stains.

When it comes to pet urine stains and accidents, it can be very frustrating to deal with. Not only from the visible stain and spot it leaves on your carpet, but for the unseen parts as well. Urine and other pet stains seep deep down under the fibers of the rug or carpet and can become embedded into it. This is where the odor comes from., Why you may not see the stain, that doesn’t mean it is gone. Academy Chem-Dry’s pet urine removal treatment in Annapolis, MD can help lift the stains and smells all in one!

2. Use a safe store-bought enzyme cleaner for minor accidents.

There are tons of pet urine removal enzyme cleaners on the market. Some cleaners are made for hard surfaces and others for soft surfaces like carpets and rugs. Be sure to do your research to determine what enzyme cleaner will be safest for your pet and your home before you purchase one.

We also recommend testing a small area of your carpet with the cleaner before using it to treat a large pet urine stain on a more visible part of your rug.

3. Get a professional carpet cleaning in Annapolis for the most effective stain and smell removal.

If your carpet has years of stains and smells that need to be removed or store-bought solutions don’t seem to be working, it’s time to call us for carpet cleaning in Annapolis.

During our pet urine removal treatment in Annapolis, MD, we do a contamination inspection using UV to locate urine deposits in your carpets. From there, we’ll then apply a hot water rinse to extract most of the urine crystals. In severe cases, the carpet will be pulled back so the extent of the damage can be thoroughly evaluated, and then the carpet pad will be replaced. After that, odor-blocking shellac may be applied to the sub-floor to prevent odors from returning in the future if necessary.

Once the flooring is prepped according to your specific needs, P.U.R.T.® is applied heavily to the sub-floor, tack strip, carpet backing, and baseboards. The ingredients in P.U.R.T.® will continue to work over the next 24 to 36 hours, reacting with the urine and breaking down odor-causing components. The result will be fresh carpets virtually free of pet odors and stains!

4. Focus on helping your pet succeed by determining why these accidents happen.

Take some time to discover why your pet keeps having accidents in your home. Make sure you’re taking your pet outside regularly so they have a chance to relieve themselves and practice proper training methods. Of course, if you have a puppy, these accidents will decrease over time. And if you have an elderly dog or cat, they may be struggling with health issues that cause accidents and your vet may be able to help ease these troubles.

Book a pet urine removal treatment and carpet cleaning in Annapolis, MD with Academy Chem-Dry today. 

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