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4 of the Toughest Stains to Remove from Upholstery

Feb 15, 2023 | Carpet Cleaning, Uncategorized, Upholstery Cleaning

4 of the Toughest Stains to Remove from Upholstery

Removing stubborn stains on your furniture in Annapolis, MD can be difficult. DIY attempts often make matters worse and damage your upholstery. By enlisting the help of a professional upholstery cleaning service, you can restore the look of your sofa, armchair, or loveseat while getting rid of any unsightly marks. This is especially true when trying to tackle the four most common hard-to-remove stains. Don’t spend time and energy not knowing if you’re making a difference – hire an experienced upholstery cleaner to get the job done right.


Getting chocolate stains out of lighter upholstery fabrics can be a tricky process. The combination of fat, sugar, and protein found in melted chocolate or hot cocoa make it particularly stubborn to remove with just water. Don’t worry – Academy Chem-Dry has the answer! With their range of stain removal products, they can effectively lift away any chocolate stains you find on your furniture. Enjoy your treats knowing that even if there’s a mess, you have the perfect solution right at hand with Academy Chem-Dry!


If you have kids who are prone to scrapes and bruises, or if you are just accident-prone yourself, you may have to deal with blood stains on your upholstery or carpet. Blood stains can be difficult to remove due to the protein in blood and the bright color. However, our experienced team knows how to effectively tackle this type of stain. Just worry about taking care of the injury and leave the stain to us. 

Tomato Sauce

Don’t sacrifice your favorite Italian cuisine just because it can be difficult to remove tomato sauce stains. The vibrant red color and grease or oil present in these spills can make them a challenge, but that doesn’t mean you need to give up your beloved pasta dishes. If an accident happens on your upholstery in Annapolis, MD, our team is here to help. No stain is too tough for us!

Red Wine

If you’ve ever experienced red wine stains on your furniture or upholstery, you know how frustrating it can be. But don’t worry – our team at Academy Chem-Dry in the Annapolis area has you covered! We have years of experience removing red wine stains and a specialized cleaning solution that breaks down and removes the stain at the source, so it doesn’t come back. Don’t let the fear of a spilled glass of wine keep you from enjoying a night in with friends – trust Academy Chem-Dry to handle any red wine disaster!

Avoid Further Damage By Calling Our Upholstery Cleaning Team

Trying to remove a stain from your upholstery on your own may seem like the logical thing to do, but it can often make the situation worse. Rubbing and scrubbing can cause pigment to go deeper into the fibers and certain products or methods may damage fabric. To ensure that your upholstery is properly cared for, leave it in the hands of our experts. With their knowledge and experience, they can effectively and safely remove various types of stains without causing damage.

In addition to professional stain removal, we also offer upholstery protectant services in Annapolis, MD. This proactive approach creates a protective barrier around the fibers of your upholstery, giving you more time to absorb any spills before they can cause a stain.

Leave upholstery stains to the experts at Academy Chem-Dry! Call 410-987-3127 today to speak to a stain removal expert in Annapolis, MD. Academy Chem-Dry services the surrounding Annapolis area in cities like Millersville, Ellicott City, Dayton, and Davidsonville

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